China Northern 2017-18 4p

geometry problems from China Northern Mathematical Olympiads
with aops links in the names
China Sijiazhuang 
2017 - 2018

Let \(D\) be the midpoint of side \(BC\) of triangle \(ABC\). Let \(E, F\) be points on sides \(AB, AC\) respectively such that \(DE = DF\). Prove that \(AE + AF = BE + CF \iff \angle EDF = \angle BAC\).

Triangle \(ABC\) has \(AB > AC\) and \(\angle A = 60^\circ \). Let \(M\) be the midpoint of \(BC\), \(N\) be the point on segment \(AB\) such that \(\angle BNM = 30^\circ\). Let \(D,E\) be points on \(AB, AC\) respectively. Let \(F, G, H\) be the midpoints of \(BE, CD, DE\) respectively. Let \(O\) be the circumcenter of triangle \(FGH\). Prove that \(O\) lies on line \(MN\).

China Northern 2018 grade 10 P1
In triangle $ABC$, let the circumcenter, incenter, and orthocenter be $O$, $I$, and $H$ respectively. Segments $AO$, $AI$, and $AH$ intersect the circumcircle of triangle $ABC$ at $D$, $E$, and $F$. $CD$ intersects $AE$ at $M$ and $CE$ intersects $AF$ at $N$. Prove that $MN$ is parallel to $BC$.

China Northern 2018 grade 10 P6
Let $H$ be the orthocenter of triangle $ABC$. Let $D$ and $E$ be points on $AB$ and $AC$ such that $DE$ is parallel to $CH$. If the circumcircle of triangle $BDH$ passes through $M$, the midpoint of $DE$, then prove that $\angle ABM=\angle ACM$

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