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China Northern 2016-20 (CNMO) 13p

geometry problems from China Northern Mathematical Olympiads
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China Sijiazhuang 
2016 - 2020

China Northern 2016 grade 10 p2
In isosceles triangle $ABC$, $\angle CAB=\angle CBA=\alpha$, points $P,Q$ are on different sides of line $AB$, and $\angle CAP=\angle ABQ=\beta,\angle CBP=\angle BAQ=\gamma$. Prove that $P,C,Q$ are collinear.

China Northern 2016 grade 10 p6 , 11 p6
Four points $B,E,A,F$ lie on line $AB$ in order, four points $C,G,D,H$ lie on line $CD$ in order, satisfying: $\frac{AE}{EB}=\frac{AF}{FB}=\frac{DG}{GC}=\frac{DH}{HC}=\frac{AD}{BC}.$ Prove that $FH\perp EG$.

China Northern 2016 grade 11 p2
Inscribed Triangle $ABC$ on circle $\odot O$. Bisector of $\angle ABC$ intersects $\odot O$ at $D$. Two lines $PB$ and $PC$ that are tangent to $\odot O$ intersect at $P$. $PD$ intersects $AC$ at $E$, $\odot O$ at $F$. Prove that $M,F,C,E$ are concyclic.

China Northern 2017 grade 10 p3 , 11 p2
Let \(D\) be the midpoint of side \(BC\) of triangle \(ABC\). Let \(E, F\) be points on sides \(AB, AC\) respectively such that \(DE = DF\). Prove that \(AE + AF = BE + CF \iff \angle EDF = \angle BAC\).

Triangle \(ABC\) has \(AB > AC\) and \(\angle A = 60^\circ \). Let \(M\) be the midpoint of \(BC\), \(N\) be the point on segment \(AB\) such that \(\angle BNM = 30^\circ\). Let \(D,E\) be points on \(AB, AC\) respectively. Let \(F, G, H\) be the midpoints of \(BE, CD, DE\) respectively. Let \(O\) be the circumcenter of triangle \(FGH\). Prove that \(O\) lies on line \(MN\).

Length of sides of regular hexagon $ABCDEF$ is $a$. Two moving points $M,N$ moves on sides $BC,DE$, satisfy that $\angle MAN=\frac{\pi}{3}$. Prove that $AM\cdot AN-BM\cdot DN$ is a definite value.

China Northern 2018 grade 10 p1
In triangle $ABC$, let the circumcenter, incenter, and orthocenter be $O$, $I$, and $H$ respectively. Segments $AO$, $AI$, and $AH$ intersect the circumcircle of triangle $ABC$ at $D$, $E$, and $F$. $CD$ intersects $AE$ at $M$ and $CE$ intersects $AF$ at $N$. Prove that $MN$ is parallel to $BC$.

China Northern 2018 grade 10 p6 , 11 p5
Let $H$ be the orthocenter of triangle $ABC$. Let $D$ and $E$ be points on $AB$ and $AC$ such that $DE$ is parallel to $CH$. If the circumcircle of triangle $BDH$ passes through $M$, the midpoint of $DE$, then prove that $\angle ABM=\angle ACM$

China Northern 2018 grade 11 p3
$A,B,C,D,E$ lie on $\odot O$ in that order,and$$BD \cap CE=F,CE \cap AD=G,AD \cap BE=H,BE \cap AC=I,AC \cap BD=J.$$Prove that $\frac{FG}{CE}=\frac{GH}{DA}=\frac{HI}{BE}=\frac{IJ}{AC}=\frac{JF}{BD}$ when and only when $F,G,H,I,J$ are concyclic.

Two circles $O_1$ and $O_2$ intersect at $A,B$. Diameter $AC$ of $\odot O_1$ intersects $\odot O_2$ at $E$, Diameter $AD$ of $\odot O_2$ intersects $\odot O_1$ at $F$. $CF$ intersects $O_2$ at $H$, $DE$ intersects $O_1$ at $G,H$. $GH\cap O_1=P$. Prove that $PH=PK$.
Two circles $O_1$ and $O_2$ intersect at $A,B$. Bisector of outer angle $\angle O_1AO_2$ intersects $O_1$ at $C$, $O_2$ at $D$. $P$ is a point on $\odot(BCD)$, $CP\cap O_1=E,DP\cap O_2=F$. Prove that $PE=PF$.

In $\triangle ABC$, $\angle BAC = 60^{\circ}$, point $D$ lies on side $BC$, $O_1$ and $O_2$ are the centers of the circumcircles of $\triangle ABD$ and $\triangle ACD$, respectively. Lines $BO_1$ and $CO_2$ intersect at point $P$. If $I$ is the incenter of $\triangle ABC$ and $H$ is the orthocenter of $\triangle PBC$, then prove that the four points $B,C,I,H$ are on the same circle.

In $\triangle ABC$, $AB>AC$. Let $O$ and $I$ be the circumcenter and incenter respectively. Prove that if $\angle AIO = 30^{\circ}$, then $\angle ABC = 60^{\circ}$.

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