books (old)

Here I'm gonna recommend modern geometry books. For recent books, after 2010, look here.

Non greek reference books


RUS.01 I.M. Yaglom : Geometric Transformations 1st ed. 1995-56 (original is two volumes, translated in 4 volumes in English, each in the following years 1962, 1968, 1973, 2009)
RUS.02 I.F. Sharygin : Problems in Plane Geometry 1st ed. 1982, 2nd ed. 1986 (enlarged) (translated in English)
RUS.03 I.F. Sharygin : Problems in Solid Geometry 1st ed. 1984   (translated in English)
RUS.04 V. Prasolov : Problems in Plane and Solid Geometry  1st ed. 1986, 2nd ed.1989, 3rd ed. 1996, 4th 2001 (;) (original is two volumes, translated in English)


EN.01 Nathan Altshiller-Court : College Geometry  2nd ed.1952
EN.02 H.S.M. Coxeter : Introduction to Geometry 1st ed. 1961, 2nd ed.1989 (enlarged)
EN.03 H.S.M. Coxeter, S.L. Greitzer : Geometry Revisited 1st ed.1967
EN.04 C. Godfrey, A. W. Siddons : Modern Geometry 1912
EN.05 Roger A. Johnson: Advanced Euclidean Geometry 1929
EN.06 Ross Honsberger: Episodes in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Euclidean Geometry 1995


FR.01 F.G.M. : Exercices de géométrie, comprenant l'esposé des méthodes géométriques et 2000 questions résolues  (>= 6th edition, has many editions)
FR.02 Th. Caronnet: Exercices de Géometrie , Paris Librairie Vuibert. Boulebard Saint - Germaine 63, 1948  (the original consists of 7 volumes, has many editions)

Random recommendations

Andreescu, Mushkarov, Stoyanof - Geometric problems on Maxima and Minima
Jacques Hadamard - Lessons in Geometry. I. Plane Geometry
Ι. Martin Isaacs - Geometry for College Students

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