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IMAC Arhimede 2007-14 (Romania) 15p

geometry problems from IMAC International Mathematical Arhimede Contest (Romanian)
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2007 - 2014

[it lasted only those years]

2007 IMAC Arhimede P2
Let $ABCD$ be a parallelogram that is not rhombus. We draw the symmetrical half-line of $(DC$ with respect to line $BD$. Similarly we draw the symmetrical half- line of $(AB$ with respect to $AC$. These half- lines intersect each other in $P$. If $\frac{AP}{DP}= q$ find the value of $\frac{AC}{BD}$ in function of $q$.

2007 IMAC Arhimede P6
Let $A_1A_2...A_n$ ba a polygon. Prove that there is a convex polygon $B_1B_2...B_n$ such that $B_iB_{i + 1} = A_iA_{i + 1}$ for $i \in \{1, 2,...,n-1\}$ and $B_nB_1 = A_nA_1$ (some of the succecive vertices of the polygon $B_1B_2...B_n$ can be colinear).

2008 IMAC Arhimede P4
Consider the arbitrary tetrahedron $ ABCD $ . Points $ E $ and $ F $ are midpoints of the edges $ AB $ and$ CD $ respectively . If $ \alpha $ is the angle of the edges $ AD $ and $ BC $, calculate $ \ cos \alpha $ in terms of the lengths of the segments $ [EF], [AD] $ and $ [BC] $

2008 IMAC Arhimede P5
The diagonals of the cyclic quadrilateral $ABCD$ are intersecting at the point $ E$. $ K$ and $ M$ are the midpoints of $ AB$ and $ CD$, respectively. Let the points $ L$ on $ BC$ and $ N$ on $ AD$ s.t. $ EL\perp BC$ and $ EN\perp AD$.Prove that $ KM\perp LN$.

2009 IMAC Arhimede P2
In the triangle $ABC$, the circle with the center at the point $O$ touches the pages $AB, BC$ and $CA$ in the points $C_1, A_1$ and $B_1$, respectively. Lines $AO, BO$ and $CO$ cut the inscribed circle at points $A_2, B_2$ and $C_2,$ respectively. Prove that it is the area of the triangle $A_2B_2C_2$ is double from the surface of the hexagon $B_1A_2C_1B_2A_1C_2$.

2009 IMAC Arhimede P3
In the interior of the convex polygon $A_1A_2...A_{2n}$ there is point $M$. Prove that at least one side of the polygon has not intersection points with the lines $MA_i$, $1\le i\le 2n$.

2010 IMAC Arhimede P3
Let $ABC$ be a triangle and let $D\in (BC)$ be the foot of the $A$- altitude. The circle $w$ with the diameter $[AD]$  meet again the lines $AB$ , $AC$ in the points $K\in (AB)$ , $L\in (AC)$ respectively. Denote the meetpoint $M$ of the tangents to the circle $w$ in the points $K$ , $L$ . Prove that the ray $[AM$ is the $A$-median in $\triangle ABC$

2010 IMAC Arhimede P4
Let $M$ and $N$ be two points on different sides of the square $ABCD$. Suppose that segment $MN$ divides the square into two tangential polygons. If $R$ and $r$ are radii of the circles inscribed in these polygons ($R> r$), calculate the length of the segment $MN$ in terms of $R$ and $r$.

2011 IMAC Arhimede P2
Let  $ABCD$ be a cyclic quadrilatetral inscribed in a circle $k$. Let $M$ and $N$ be the midpoints of the arcs $AB$ and $CD$ which do not contain $C$ and $A$ respectively. If $MN$ meets side $AB$ at $P$, then show that $$\frac{AP}{BP}=\frac{AC+AD}{BC+BD}$$

2011 IMAC Arhimede P4
Inscribed circle of triangle $ABC$ touches sides $BC$, $CA$ and $AB$ at the points $X$, $Y$ and $Z$, respectively. Let $AA_{1}$, $BB_{1}$ and $CC_{1}$ be the altitudes of the triangle $ABC$ and $M$, $N$ and $P$ be the incenters of triangles $AB_{1}C_{1}$, $BC_{1}A_{1}$ and $CA_{1}B_{1}$, respectively.
a) Prove that $M$, $N$ and $P$ are orthocentres of triangles $AYZ$, $BZX$ and $CXY$, respectively.
b) Prove that common external tangents of these incircles, different from triangle sides, are concurent at orthocentre of triangle $XYZ$.

2012 IMAC Arhimede P2
Circles $k_1,k_2$ intersect at $B,C$ such that $BC$ is diameter of $k_1$.Tangent of $k_1$ at $C$ touches $k_2$ for the second time at $A$.Line $AB$ intersects $k_1$ at $E$ different from $B$, and line $CE$ intersects $k_2$ at F different from $C$. An arbitrary line through $E$ intersects segment $AF$ at $H$ and $k_1$ for the second time at $G$.If $BG$ and $AC$ intersect at $D$, prove $CH//DF$ .

2013 IMAC Arhimede P3
Let $ABC$ be a triangle with $\angle ABC=120^o$ and triangle bisectors $(AA_1),(BB_1),(CC_1)$, respectively. $B_1F \perp A_1C_1$, where $F\in (A_1C_1)$. Let $R,I$ and $S$ be the centers of the circles which are inscribed in triangles $C_1B_1F,C_1B_1A_1, A_1B_1F$, and $B_1S\cap A_1C_1=\{Q\}$. Show that $R,I,S,Q$ are on the same circle.

2013 IMAC Arhimede P5
Let $\Gamma$ be the circumcircle of a triangle $ABC$ and let $E$ and $F$ be the intersections of the bisectors of $\angle ABC$ and $\angle ACB$ with $\Gamma$. If $EF$ is tangent to the incircle $\gamma$ of $\triangle ABC$, then find the value of $\angle BAC$.

2014 IMAC Arhimede P2
A convex quadrilateral $ABCD$ is inscribed into a circle $\omega$ . Suppose that there is a point $X$ on the segment $AC$ such that the $XB$ and $XD$ tangents to the circle $\omega$ . Tangent of  $\omega$  at $C$, intersect $XD$ at $Q$. Let $E$ ($E\ne A$) be the intersection of the line $AQ$ with $\omega$ . Prove that $AD, BE$, and $CQ$ are concurrent.

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