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olympiad problems + solutions

olympiad problem collections with solutions

solved olympiad problems, national - international - regional
all problems in one pdf file  - not only the geometry ones -
everything is in English - unless stated otherwise -
collecting all solved problem files from Competitions  mentioned in this blogspot page
besides the UK-USA-Canada tab (which means that there are more solved there)

past olympiad problems

Asian Pacific APMO 1989 - 2004 with solutions  by John Scholes (kalva)
Australian Scene with solutions: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
European Girls EGMO 2012-20 with solutions
European Mathematical Cup EMC 2012-19 with solutions
Global Quarantine Mathematical Olympiad CGMO 2020 with solutions and marking scheme
IMO Shortlist problems 1992 - 2000 with solutions, scanned most of them by Orlando Döhringmember of the IMO ShortList / LongList Project Group, in aops

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