geometry collections and notes (pdf)

Here I am gonna posts geometry articles, notes and problem collections,  that I create or collect from sites around the internet. 

Problems collections by others, from the internet

Concurrent lines, problems without words

Hans Walser - Schnittpunkte :
101-200 ,  201-300 ,  301-400 ,   401-500 ,  501-600,  601-700

problem collections that do not contain only geometry

sources:  (Tran Quang Hung)  (Amir Hossein Parvardi, David Altisio, Ercole Suppa)  (liverpool26) (mathscope, collection of inequalities)
The School Yard Olympiad facebook group (Geometri Günlüğü)

Problem collections by Romanian Mathematical Magazine (RMM)

Problem collections by Mathematical Reflections

My problem collections in English

sources: (blogspot, inactive)
JUVENTUD GEÓMETRA (fb group, incactive)
JUVENTUD MATEMÁTICA (fb group, incactive)
Geito Mr.G - SobreGeometrias (blogspot, incactive)
Romantics oF Geometry (fb group, active) (blogspot, inactive)
Sobre Geometrias SG SX (wordpress, incactive)
Sobre Geometrias SG (fb page, incactive)
Sobre Geometrias SG SX (fb group, incactive)

The problems from the Facebook Group Romantics of Geometry in English:

plane geometry links in FB: 001-500, 501-10001001-1500 , 1501-2000 , 2000-2500
link in FB: solid geometry

The exercises by the Romantics of Geometry in English (pdf): (not updated anymore)

Of Historic Value

Articles - Notes 

Geometry articles from:
The International Journal of Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (IJAAMM)

Geometric Transformations

Geometry Articles by Mathematical Excalibur

Geometry Articles by Mathematical Reflections

Geometry Articles  by  Revista Escolar de la Olimpíada Iberoamericana de Matemática

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