geo olympiads

collecting less known Geometry Olympiads

Geometry Bee 
(USA Junior level)

The Geometry Bee is an annual geometry contest run by students from the Amador Valley Math Team, in Pleasanton, CA.A ny student in the 9th grade (or the foreign equivalent) and below may participate.

Mock Olympiads in Aops

by abacadaea,  originally posted here
by ProblemSolver1026,  originally posted here
by AndrewWu (wu2481632),  originally posted heresolutions online
by djmathman,   originally posted here
by Jinduckey & cwein3, originally posted here
by Tovi Wen (two origami), original posted here
  • 2017 Mock Olympiad Geometry by AndrewWu (wu2481632)
Contest 1 (pdf), originally posted here , solutions online
Contest 2 (pdf), originally posted here , solutions online
Contest 3 (pdf), originally posted here , solutions online

by Tovi Wen (two origami), original posted here, more solutions here

Geometry Marathons in Aops
those with many olympiad leved problems

(it has it's own tab)

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